Windows 11 UAC pop-up window not correctly shown

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The "Would you like to allow this app to make changes to your computer?" screen (UAC pop-up window) is not showing correctly on Windows 11. I tried to uninstall an app, and when this message popped up, it showed responses and text that was not correct or the same as Windows 10.


It displayed like this:

(Picture 1)



  1. The title of the window is "O", instead of the usual "User Account Control". (See Picture 1 Below)
  2. It then displays the usual question you would expect from this screen. (See Picture 1 Below)
  3. It then shows the name of the application, which maybe should or maybe shouldn't be displayed like that. You would usually expect a more user-friendly name, such as the application's name or "[Application Name] Uninstaller", with the application's icon. It doesn't show either of these. It shows the default for an app with no icon and shows the application's .msi file name. (See Picture 1 Below)
  4. Underneath this, it randomly shows the word "Yes". (See Picture 1 Below)
  5. It then underneath says "CLSID", instead of "File origin", and then the rest of that line that you would usually expect. (See Picture 1 Below)
  6. It then says "Hide details" where you would usually expect "Show more details", as this is shown BEFORE any details are shown. (See Picture 1 Below)
  7. It then displays 2 buttons "Remember Me" and "C", instead of the usual "Yes" and "No". (See Picture 1 Below)
  8. Upon clicking the "Hide details" button, it then shows the information you would probably expect, except that the publisher is "Uninstall". (See Picture 2 Below)
  9. The "Hide details" button also changes to a button that says "Segoe UI". Segoe UI is a font family. (See Picture 2 Below)


(Picture 2)



Hope this is fixed soon.

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Microsoft is aware of this issue and it will be fixed in future update.
However, I advise you to file a bug report using the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Just download the regional language pack from the Microsoft store and it resolves this issue