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Windows 11 to 7th generation Intel.

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So, i have a Intel Core i5-7500 processor and, theoretically i would be able to use Windows 11. But Microsoft does not support it yet. Is there any chance that they will support this processor? 

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This is one of the discussions that shows that you can install Windows11 on un supported hardware, but I don't recommend this step!

Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC - Microsoft Tech Community


Unfortunately, it seems that Microsoft removed all 7th generation Intel processors from the list, left only two if I am not mistaken.

Windows11 - another change in system requirements. - Microsoft Tech Community

@Andrzej1 i have a i7 7740x processor but its not compatible with windows 11 


Yes, Microsoft has not added this processor to the list of compatible, but at their own risk some users install Windows11.
Windows10 is getting better - so why risk it!


Try running the Windows Insider Preview PC Health Check Application (
It will check your system and see if it's compatible with upcoming releases of Microsoft operating systems like Windows 11, which is set to be released in late 2019 or early 2020! In case you want such a update for yourself based on this feedback hub page - here are some steps: go into settings-advanced network & Internet options-, scroll down until find "Windows Update" section; click download now link underneath current version number