Windows 11 Theme, tainting background images . Mouse pointer sizes, we need more granularity ETC

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Windows 11 Theme, how background images are. Mouse pointer sizes, we need more granularity The Sandwalker-mouse-icon: Pointer with outline animation (RGB wheel) -- like winget.exe

Dear Reader,


I've several issues that I would like to present


1. Windows 11 Theme, how background images are handled and transcoded to screen.

May I dare ask why the themes and high-quality pictures from those are processed, transcoded, and compressed for view on the desktop? Compression leads to MPEG refraction, like "banding" that appears in regions that show very fine, fluid transitions of colors. A modification to the registry helps solve this non-sensical issue when the compression is set to 90 or 100. It makes little sense to me why degrade high-resolution images (Panther regression?)


2. Variable mouse pointer sizes.
This may be rather a feature request to have more granularity over the mouse pointer sizes. I miss steps in between the hardcoded values.


3. UI pictogram of the Sandwalker mouse-icon (not animated),
I think that the 'system busy' mouse cursor is not animated but rather considered a relic in more ways than in the past. from this 'maybe a feature request that is inspired by the work on Microsoft Windows Winget.exe especially the -gay feature that showed the progress bar in rainbow colors. This proves that the terminal emulation is of high quality, but the functionality that has been programmed may also be introduced to aid the UX of Windows 11. I would like to see that the outline of a cursor, ie. the mouse pointer will reflect a delay such that it is visible that the system needs more time to handle the system resources. About the colors: rainbow in all colors DWM can show. A rainbow "wheel" animation would be very very nice.

4. a bug for the Feedback hub, but when the taskbar is put on top, its menu appears in all kinds of places except for the one, below the taskbar icons. I take it that this has been reported.

5. Shutdown, fast shutdown with no hibernation (UEFI fast reboot). The closing of services may be lowered in ms reg


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