Windows 11 Taskbar Seems Downgraded

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There are some key functionalities of the Windows 10 taskbar that got everything right, and I don't know why they got removed in Windows 11. I would like to see them added back in.


Three main features that were instrumental as a video game player using Windows 10 taskbar and a multi-monitor setup:


1. Click+Drag (or alternate setting) after unlocking the taskbar to move the taskbar to whatever portion of the screen you wanted it on.


2. Vertical space is a premium in horizontal monitor orientations, side oriented task bars are excellent for these scenarios.


3. Clocks on alternate monitor taskbar. Windows 11 is missing it from alternate monitor task bars. My primary monitor is the one the games always start on, why can't I have a visible clock on my alternate monitor's taskbar as a default feature of Windows 11?

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@rjoyce12  I had to replace my laptop with Win 10 today with a new laptop that has Win 11, which I never wanted but had no choice. I totally agree with you about the taskbar being a downgrade. I think the entire Start menu is a serious downgrade. It's totally substandard and uninformative, the most uninformative and user-unfriendly version of Windows yet.


I don't think that these developers think that the ways in which people use their computers can be unique to individuals, and also, that there are many different demographic groups that use them. They are trying to force conformity on a non-conformist population.


I prefer to have my taskbar at the top of my screen because I have many problems with my eyes and that is more comfortable for me. I am not comfortable going into my Registry and making changes on my own - my late sister was a programmer, so she did all that stuff for me. I shouldn't have to, though.


Why take away functionality? I am just to the point where I'd prefer if they just went back to Win 95, then let us choose which new features we wanted to keep or toss as individuals. They want to make it seem like we have power over what we use, but it's just the opposite, they take power out of our hands.


Computers used to be MUCH MORE user friendly. Now they are developed for the convenience of the software vendors. That's how Microsoft has been able to sustain its business model after so many buyouts of start-ups and competitors. Cater to them, not the consumer. I had much more control over my computers 20 years ago than I do now. These things are really getting less and less user friendly.