Windows 11 - Taskbar search results are not clickable (Version Release Preview)

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When you open Search from the taskbar, nothing is clickable inside the panel. 

Version - Release Preview (28-09-2021)



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Which build you are on? I highly recommend to report this issue via Feedback hub.
it is clickable its just respond times of windows being a nuisance due to back ground running tasks.

Try this click once wait 10 seconds and see if the item you click on opens.
Then click on the next and wait again 10 seconds so on.

Now record that and reboot your computer and wait 2 minutes after reaching the desktop then click the same items again and see if their is any different in respond times.

If the same is happen open run box type in regedit and go to these locations: enter the numbers as i got them pasted below: you can do this via text file and save it as MenuShowDelay.reg then right click it to say yes to merge its old Windows xp trick for speeding up slow and unresponsive menu screens.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]


[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-19\Control Panel\Desktop]


[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Control Panel\Desktop]

I am using the build : 22000.194 co_release. Its the latest one in release preview.

Thanks for the detailed response. I am using the build : 22000.194 co_release. Its the latest one in release preview. Its not even hovering over the search items. And I tried waiting for some time nothing happened. Seems a bit strange, coz it started working by itself for some time. And I havent installed any updates but it again stopped working.



If the items are not shown then consider these possibilities.


1. Operating System did not download, install and configure correctly

2. You missed a step to install and configure added feature during the set up.

3. You may need to check the add feature from under the apps and feature section to see if their is additional add on to install and configure

4. Third party software is conflicting preventing the items to show.

5. Check the mouse/ mice settings for click and respond times.

Other things to thing and look at which are long shot to considered.


I had this occur on me many times over the last 2 years with new modem.


Modem received a firmware causing internet interruption leading to the operating system to act weird, so reboot the modem using its advanced feature (not the old turn off at the button and turn back on) if your unable to access the modem advanced feature consider ringing your internet service provider and ask them nicely if they could remotely reboot your modem and tell them why they will go through the usually crap but be polite and just say i would like the modem rebooted remotely please as i tried everything else.


If your using USB Mouse wired try disconnecting it from its port and reinserting it after 10 seconds

if wireless mouse is being used then check to ensure your batteries are not lose inside its containers loose battery in wireless keyboards/ mouse can cause abnormal click responsive.


Computer Ram issues can also return weird actions if they are not seated correctly, failing and or configured in the bios especially if you have mixed brands.


Other hardware in the device manager could be causing the issue due to them not installing and configuring correctly.


Possible Cpu is over heating causing the issue (rare but does occur on newer machines running motherboards above Z390 models) in that case you will need a liquid cool fan for the cpu.


Power supply issue very rare and unusual but does happen once in a blue moon.

Computer adware, spyware, Trojan, worm or virus has some how infected your Windows 11,

(Find online anti-virus scanner you like and run it allow it to finish and see if their is such,

not the paid versions as your only checking to see if their is at this stage)


Last possible bad version of Windows 11 (depending on how you set up Windows 11 may require a very clean reformat of the hard drive and install the last option you should do)