Windows 11 Taskbar on Multi Monitors still dose not work (start/search buttons)

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The newest Windows 11 Build 22000.65 with regards to the taskbar across multi-monitors still dose not work..

The taskbar dose infact show up on all monitors now.. how ever if u click the start/search bar on any monitor other then the main monitor it dosen't work all all.. it even brakes the main monitor buttons and requires a logout/log in to fix it..

Changing any of the task bar settings (positions/color ect) brakes the taskbar start/search buttons and also requires a log out/log in to fix it.

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I am having an issue that appears potentially related. Task View will not come up, even hover appears to cause a reset (flash of the screen). I am able to create multiple desktops using the menu buttons (windows ctrl d) and flip through them using (windows cttrl 1,23,etc) but cannot preview anything. I seem to get a blank crashed windows explorer with a blank screen if I play around with windows task view toom much. Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000. Was working in Win 11 after upgrade.

I was using Windows 11 Build 22000.65 without any issues, although on i5 7th gen, but with TPM 2.0, UEFI, secure boot (but the 1st login was a disaster - no explorer / desktop, I solved it by turning off the AppReadiness service). However issues came with the update of 22000.100. I could not install it via Windows update, as it crashed always by 95-99 (or even 100)% with error "0x800f0922" and restored the previous compilation (I think 4 times at least). However it was successful to install it via UUP dump without any issues. I was lucky but suprised with the new build so quickly, meaning 22000.120. I installed it via Windows Update and it was also successful until the first login, which was unsuccessful (local login, but solved by logut /login again.) However since then the taskbar did not have any icons, there was no start menu obviously too (even Win key does not open it), no clock but only the notification corner with the hidden icons. No settings could be opened, as I tried per right click on desktop to go to preferences etc, I got a message that no programm is assosiated with this command. Restarts did not help. However I could succesfully login on other 2 Microsoft accounts used on this laptop, which were for 100% not used before upgrading to Win11. All worked here fine, the new context menus etc. I have added a 4th MS account to this PC, never used anywhere, and for a while it worked perfect. But after next reboot this account (and only this 4th one) got the initial issue (build 65) with no desktop. I am using the Samsung LC49RG monitor, as a second one, but not using the one on laptop. No issues with taskbar on 22000.65 & 100. What is also weird, is that when I login on my main (1st) account + on the new (4th) one I have a blue background on the lock screen, and when i am trying to log on the 2nd and 3rd which were not used before upgrade it switches to Windows spotlight background (this I am not able to turn on for the other ones). It seems that the main account could be corrupted somehow. But working well on the 100 build. Now I turned off the updates for a while, don't know if I should try once again via Windows update or UPP dump, but if I don't install the 120 I would not be able to install the next one later? Any ideas what could go wrong here? Many thanks and Regards, Rafal

this time I am having 0xc1900101 - 0x20017 safe_os boot error 3 times in a row while installing the 22000.120 from uupdump with the same settings as before for 22000.100... what the heck? By the third attempt I enabled the already disabled safe boot in bios, unplugged usb devices. However the system shows already 22000.120 as a successful update in the history... xD. Trying once again with Windows Update... 

I'm having the same issue with the search button only working on the main monitor, search does not show up on the other 2 monitors when clicked on. on build 22449

@EsMM27 I have the same issue on the latest build 194. If I click on the Windows icon on screen 2 its breaks the start menu on both screen 1 and screen 2. I followed the link below and am up to Method 6 Rebuild Seach Index.


How to Fix 'Windows 11 Start Menu Not Working' Issue? [Updated: September 03, 2021] (


This clearly is a bug and hopefully it can be fixed before final release.

Unfortunately, I have to report that this bug has not been fixed yet in version 10.0.22000.194. The taskbar on a multi-monitor setup (I use 2x 24-inch as monitors on the side, and a 27" monitor in the center) does not show the start menu, or the search menu. They will only show up on the main monitor.

@MadDoggyca Same issue here, only works on the main monitor. 

on this^ date right here, the taskbar on my second monitor using extended desktop does not behave as expected. it is there and fully functional, but does not pop up when moused-over, nor when the windows button is pressed..
the only way i can get it to pop up is to both mouse-over the 2nd taskbar, AND press the windows button at the same time.
they should rename it "Wondows 11".. and should be pronounced the same way that Marvin the Paranoid Android says everything.. it just has a more appropriate ring to it, dont you think?


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