windows 11 surprise

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today when I went to use my desktop I was surprised to find out that it was now running win11.  Last week I checked my desktop and laptop and the desktop failed (no TPM), got message not compatible but would still get updates for win10.  I was ok with this as I installed win11 on laptop to play with.  After my initial shock I thought maybe the desktop was just trying to imitate the laptop since when I change things on one like wallpaper it changes it on the other.  So I checked and the desktop is truly running win11.  How did it install win11 without my interaction on a computer I was told was not compatible?  Did win11 update get pushed automatically to anyone signed in the dev builds regardless if computer meets specs or not?  Side note win11 is working great on both desktop and laptop no issues found yet and very fast. I do hope I will not be forced to revert back to win10 on desktop after official release. desktop.png

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Your post is needed – this automatic updates according to are pushed out!
not needably some are concerned and give negative comments.
driver migration and a full environment for Win11 takes time - for computers with lower performance!

@SaltySeaDog  I think they've eased the requirements.