Windows 11 support for Ryzen first generation

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Windows 11 not having support for such a recent hardware is not a correct decision amidst the semiconductors crisis.


Processors like my Ryzen 1700x are perfectly capable of meeting everyday demands for an average user, but apparently they are being left out. Microsoft should rethink this...

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I also have computers that do not meet the requirements, but by October 2025 will be supported for Windows10.

Unfortunately, since the Insider Program has confirmed that certain processors and other components - 

do not work properly with Windows11, it is necessary to exclude them due to the 

failure risk.

I read about this reliability issue. But it is not possible that this cannot be solved... They started with 52% error, they are already halfway to solving the problems lol.

Is it wrong for me to assume that MS is telling me that my current hardware, which will continue to use Windows 10, is susceptible to certain attacks and this will never be resolved?


This is my private opinion that there is a small probability of attacks on individual users, but already in the organization this threat is greater,
But most often it is the users who are the weakest point .
Security patches are being implemented into windows10 all the time and anyone can report vulnerabilities, and Microsoft is really reacting quickly.
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