Windows 11 Sound driver problem

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I Got sound driver problem when i upgraded to windows 11. 

i already tried several method like troubleshooting step, update driver, reinstall driver, even reinstall window, it still not worked.. i use Laptop Asus Vivobook X412FL_A412FL and BIOS :X412FL.304 (type: UEFI).. Anyone can help?error.png

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I would suggest to download the latest version of the driver direct from the manufacturer's website.
Thank you for your suggestion.
and it would be great if you can help me to share how to installed it..
thank you..

Hi @Vladz69,

Option 1:
Please download and install MyAsus software to maintain or update your hardware, and update the driver:




Download and install Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) Driver from the below link:


Please share your feedback, and do not hesitate to contact me for any further assistance, I will welcome all the questions you may have.

@SalmanAhmed Hello, thank you for your advice, but already try this before and still same, i also reset my laptop but it still not work.

i don't know how im supposed to do now.

Thanks for your feedback, from the above details, I would suggest you to load the default values or factory default in system BIOS, it will be helpful in case where the BIOS value has been changed unexpectedly.

Thank you for your suggestion.
i'm sorry if my english is bad. But can you please give me steps how to do it? i'm kinda newbie on this.

You're most welcome @Vladz69, please follow the below steps to reset the BIOS values.


Restart the computer, and continuously press the F2 or Del key while the system is performing the POST (Power-On Self-Test) to enter the BIOS setup utility. Usually, the POST process starts before your computer loads the Windows, at the time when you see the manufacturer loge as in this case is the Asus.


In BIOS setup, locate the option "Load the BIOS defaults" or you can press the F9 key as well. Once you have done, you will get the confirmation message, and finally, you need to save the configuration.


To save the configuration, press the F10 key and confirm the changes. Your computer will be restarted with BIOS default values.

@SalmanAhmed I used hp elitebook 840 g3. I downloded windows 11 with iso file. when i disable vtx(virtulazition technology) then my audio sound are not run. I try to solve this problem in various way. I i also mentioned that i am not a computer expert. here are some picture i attested which help you detected problem. 

please solve this problem.






Try and install Advanced driver updater tool. It scans you outdated, missing and faulty drivers and update it immediately without any hassle.