Windows 11 Release date ?

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I have been waiting for an update from microsoft regarding windows 11 but still no update for non-insider users. What is the exact date for windows 11 release ?

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Hello @Bhargav220,


As per, Windows 11 will be released later this year. However, no exact date available yet.

Keep an eye on official Windows blog for updates on this:


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@Kapil Arya 

Hi - this is my opinion, but a stable version of Windows11 will be the earliest in spring 2022 and such a date is real!
I believe microsoft should explain this out of respect for users!
At the same time, I do not recommend the home version of Dev to users. Windows11.
Andrew,Yours all

Thank you for the info, would be keeping an eye on Windows Blogs !
Thanks for confirming that windows 11 would be out in 2022 spring and also recommending users not to download windows 11 home version of Dev. I personally feel that Microsoft should release it soon as people would loose the interest towards windows 11 🪟 and by 2022, people would not even pay minimum attention to the release as even the leaked version is out. They should release it soon or people would not be excited with the upgrade.


Believe me, it's worth waiting for Windows11 - it's a big step forward for modern
features, security and many other innovative solutions!
I think the exact release date of the stable version can not be determined!
Of course it could be 2021, but I don't think so!
Good luck thank you for the topic.

I understand your opinion and I value it very much and thank you for providing your opinion.




It is worth getting acquainted!

The minimum requirements are at a normal level - I think this will reassure many users!