windows 11 Release date for beta insiders ?

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is there any announcement from Microsoft regarding windows 11 Release date for beta insiders ?

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I'm wondering the same thing. I'm a Windows insider in the DEV group. Why are we still testing Windows 10 builds and not Windows 11?

because Windows10 - is Microsoft's most important product!
Its development is needed to maintain existing functions that are gradually implemented - for me it is obvious

Hello @thenzook,


According to this official post at Windows blogs, the first preview build of Windows 11 will be released to Windows Insiders next week.


Hope this answers your query!

Because microsoft love to take things forever including their windows performance instead they release it right ahead!
It doesnt show release date!
That much time it should take?
It suppose today released or on 24 june this year because since 2013 they being working on windows 11 in 2017 it must have released! it be better! yh
But this article says today windows 11 should be released as insider preview!
Next week said! what we have to wait till 1st july for it? we cant wait at all today windows 11 must be released! from the end!
U all want for the honesty?, Today (28th June this year) Microsoft Will Release Windows 11 Inside Preview then On 20th October this year Windows 11 will be publicly released! Google News is the sources of my speech!


Hello Everyone!
Really the information that the competition provides can be real!
I'm glad there is so much interest in Win11, but currently Win10 - works fine!
A little surprised and laughs first advertising, and then silence - no one knows anything!


Unfortunately ill-prepared prime minister!
But this is due to the fact that many teams have to work on the project - these are thousands of people really involved - you have to forgive it!

Yh, some people windows 10 works great and fast with them, but with me its too slow, it have many errors and cpu overheat oversound and being overused i dont wanna use windows 10 ever again even bill gates himself gave me all his ownings! i just want windows 11 be released today right now before tommorow and thats it from the end!

Who ill-prepared prime minister? no, it should be done faster if thousands are working on it! and windows 11 must have been released on 2017 after windows 10 is released on 2015 thats what normally microsoft do with computer os every couple of years because!
I think you'll be surprised by Windows11 - I will not comment, but for now it stays with Win10!

Why? no comment why not? ur shy? u work for microsoft? im using windows 11 dev it runs great no problems except for feedback hub its not working i bypassed the tpm 2.0 after watching youtube video i installed it sucessfully that much im not liking windows 10


I have a question whether you are an administrator in the enterprise, or an individual user? Of course you do not have to answer, Because in windows11 enterprise
will be in 4 years!