Windows 11 possibly causing Edge and other browsers to crash

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final edit:

months after the clean reboot and eliminating ad blockers this seems to be working well. 

I've been having consistent problems with browser crashing since the update to Windows 11. I've seen it with the Edge browser and the Brave browser, with and without extensions, and on multiple user profiles. Everything is updated, there are no pending updates or restarts.
I initially thought it was 2 extensions working against each other, but the problem persisted after uninstalling all extensions and even when trying on a different profile without any extensions installed in the browser.
EDITS / summary:
- sfc /scannow did not find any issues
- Edition Windows 11 Home, Version 21H2, Installed on ‎10/‎30/‎2021, OS build 22000.348, Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.348.0
- after doing a clean reboot, I believe the problem is either UBlock Origin or one of the system boot processes as I’m still getting the crashes

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Oh how were you able to figure that? And wa were the drivers only freezing the browsers? :thinking_face:

@pratikmsh There are so many different things that appear to cause this erratic behaviour that it makes sense to do what was advised initially - do a fresh reinstall of Windows 11 then watch how it behaves as you add on the other stuff that makes your system work as you wish it to. Good ole debug. :(

I think I got lucky - I uninstalled the screen capture tool (Snip & Sketch?) and use the PrtScrn on the keyboard instead. Since then it has been stable with only two bluescreens in the past three months or so. 

Same issue, tried rebooting and updating all the BIOS. Issue persists. Seems to be an issue with windows 11. Please fix Microsoft!
Same problem. Installed Win 11 on a new Build about 3 months ago, initially no problems. But starting about a week ago both Edge and Brave are repeatedly crashing.
Same here. Opera GX, Edge, Chrome, Firefox......all browsers having issues with pages regularly crashing. Been on Win 11 for 6 months and every day I think about going back to 10.

@YunoGasai apparently is seems you need to fresh reinstall windows 11 again. This happened to me too and i thought about switching back to windows 10 constantly. But is did fresh reboot windows 11 and after this the problem has been solved for me.

@Serees  Good to know. I have Geek Squad coverage on my laptop and will likely quiz them about it. Thanks!

I had this issue a while back, but I played around with the "new tab" page settings (gear icon) and turned off the "Background." This seems to have fixed it - unless one of the recent updates did instead.


Hi there, since a few weeks same problem. As soon as I use two internet usages (e.g. downloading something like Windows updates) and browsing in another browser, everything does not respond, hangs or crashes, sometimes with the message that I should not have enough memory (8Gb). I have running TaskManager simultaneously and saw that, when "internet crashes", memory is only used around 50%.

I was hoping for a solution, but I'm feeling better that more people have this problem, I thought it was only me by overusing the laptop. Using Brave, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, all having same problems. And I did not forget mentioning using Edge, as I'm not happy with Edge and not using that browser. 

Specs: Lenovo Ideapad, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz, 8Gb, Win11 Home 21H2, 22000.918, Dutch language. I hope that MS will resolve the problems, as I'm thinking of returning to W10.  

I have the same thing happening to me. I upgraded from 10 to 11 but I had several bugs and performance issues so I decided to do a clean install. I don't know about other browsers but in brave every once in a while the system will freeze during video playback, not website specific. If I wait a while, I get a prompt from AMD that the driver timed out.
I tried to do the Clean Boot as subscribed here, and, for now, it seems to have solved my problems. Thanks!

@weeloshwhale Thanks. Will try this as the issues appear to be escalating. Thought the blue screen was gone forever. :unamused_face:




Hi! Same issue here... So frustrating. All browsers crash simultaneously (sometimes after some temporary black window). Sometimes the issue is reflected also to the Windows UI, showing me glitched border on some windows. I will do a scannow but I'm not very confident it will work... Any news from you?
I have went from windows 10 to windows 11 a few months ago also to improve gaming with HDR. Which is a great feature. But the last few weeks I also encountered the same problem. With all browsers I tried, Edge, Chrome, Opera, they all eventually start to freeze up when opening a new Tab and try to Google something. Sometimes playing a video. I tried reinstalling them and it helps for a bit but it all comes back. I though it might be a driver issue but it must have to di with Windows 11 if I see all these complaints. Even if I have 8-9 tabs open it should not be a problem with 32gb ram on a Ryzen 5000 system and a rather fast graphics card. I just can't figure it out! Very frustrating! I will try some of the tips I read here. Any solutions Microsoft?


It's a month later (19-Oct) and although the computer is working, the same problems every now and then occur. Still while downloading or visiting websites in a browser, i get every now and then, mostly "only" once a day, run out of memory or a similar message, crashing the program.  Only twice a BSOD since. 

Same issue here crashes twice a day. Just did a repair of Edge and will post if that fixes the issues. Extensions Don't seem to be related.@weeloshwhale 

@SoulReaver  What helped solve my problem was disable hardware acceleration on Opera and Chrome. Edge I haven't tried and I don't need to cause I mostly use Opera. But I should expect it works on Edge  too.

@pigunios Thanks for the advice, still getting BSOD.




Any solution for this issue yet. Am using windows 11 for past 1 year and it seems to be so frustrating to see the browser closing unexpectedly (while writing exams, watching youtube ) literally any sort of activity, Even if the browser is idle also it crashes. I tested the same on Firefox, Brave, Edge and the issue persists. 

Please let me know if there is any solution for this.

Yes, here’s my reply from earlier:

Apparently, Windows 11 (and the new Edge) comes with several “security revamps“ and in their language it should technically mean that you don’t need any security plugins to work safely (I have no way of confirming this but please let us know if you do).

This basically means that any plug-in or add-on or a program that you install that has security features like an antivirus or an ad blocker or a VPN would potentially conflict with the running operating system and cause glitches.

In my case, I reinstalled Windows 11 altogether and started with a fresh copy of Edge with no extensions. This seemed to work and since then I have only added one or two extensions that still seem to be working OK for the time being.

It kinda sucks that I can’t customize much but at least it’s not crashing every 6.5 minutes. My next step would have been to factory reset my computer and go back to Windows 10 and forget about the upgrade.