Windows 11 possibly causing Edge and other browsers to crash

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final edit:

months after the clean reboot and eliminating ad blockers this seems to be working well. 

I've been having consistent problems with browser crashing since the update to Windows 11. I've seen it with the Edge browser and the Brave browser, with and without extensions, and on multiple user profiles. Everything is updated, there are no pending updates or restarts.
I initially thought it was 2 extensions working against each other, but the problem persisted after uninstalling all extensions and even when trying on a different profile without any extensions installed in the browser.
EDITS / summary:
- sfc /scannow did not find any issues
- Edition Windows 11 Home, Version 21H2, Installed on ‎10/‎30/‎2021, OS build 22000.348, Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.348.0
- after doing a clean reboot, I believe the problem is either UBlock Origin or one of the system boot processes as I’m still getting the crashes

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Also, sfc /scannow did not find any issues.
What's the OS version with build number?
Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎10/‎30/‎2021
OS build 22000.348
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.348.0
Does rest of software are working normal? How about Chrome?
Thank you for the suggestion. So far it seems to work (limited testing time) so I guess I'll try to switch the apps/processess on and off to figure out if one of them in particular is causing the problem.
I haven't tried Chrome yet. I figured Brave is based on a pretty similar code.
I tried a clean reboot and it seems to be working so far, but I have some more testing to do.

@weeloshwhale Same here! Incredibly frustrating! I have been deliberately postponing the upgrade but mistakenly scheduled it. Looked and felt lovely until these persistent crashes, usually when multiple browser windows are open and a video playing. Also have this popup error WDAGraphics.... which I can't get rid of. Appreciate help. 

Nothing has worked for me. Frustrating is an understatement! I got rid of all extensions, then installed AdBlock and 1Password and still got the crash with both Brave and Edge. Also happens even if I turn the extensions off.

I’ve lost so much work because of this and I’m actually about to factory reset my computer to revert to Windows 10. There doesn’t seem to be a solution on forums and the Windows 11 support team referred me to here because they didn’t know what to do.

Good bye Windows 11, for now at least.
If I had reliable tech support I would do same: backup all my data offline and do a factory reset. I need the peace - the world is too turbulent right now for one also face uncertainty on a laptop.

PS> Love my Surface and have been using one since it first came out but maybe it is finally time to buy a Mac?
I'm having the same problem. Microsoft Edge will just randomly freeze since upgrading to Windows 11. have tried disabling all extensions. disabling/changing antivirus. nothing seems to work. very frustrating
I would suggest you open Edge browser and press "Alt + Shift + I" to send a feedback to MS, as recently I got the same issues on my production devices even my device running with Win10 Ent with Edge version 99.0.1150.46
I have the same problem in both Chrome and Edge. Really frustrating. I am usually repositioning my laptop when it occurs, so am wondering if I'm not inadvertently touching a key that causes the app to close. I haven't had any other apps close. Just both browsers.


Any update on this? I'm having the same issues and would love to know if anything has helped. For me, the browser usually freezes and locks up when I am opening new tabs. This happens multiple times a day, and I have to force stop Edge and relaunch, restore the tabs. I only have seven tabs open, which I don't think is too many.




@Marcus Liddle 




Here’s an update (OP):

Apparently, Windows 11 (and the new Edge) comes with several “security revamps“ and in their language it should technically mean that you don’t need any security plugins to work safely (I have no way of confirming this but please let us know if you do).


This basically means that any plug-in or add-on or a program that you install that has security features like an antivirus or an ad blocker or a VPN would potentially conflict with the running operating system and cause glitches.


In my case, I reinstalled Windows 11 altogether and started with a fresh copy of Edge with no extensions. This seemed to work and since then I have only added one or two extensions that still seem to be working OK for the time being.


It kinda sucks that I can’t customize much but at least it’s not crashing every 6.5 minutes. My next step would have been to factory reset my computer and go back to Windows 10 and forget about the upgrade. 


Ok, thanks for the reply. Not the same issue as mine, though, because I have no extensions installed and am still having the problem.

@weeloshwhale i can relate to this so much. I also use just two browsers edge and brave and it frustration when both of them crashes at the same time. Tried removing some extensions but still not good. Thinking of trying chrome to see if it works fine


It turned out my problem was the Lenovo Intel display drivers. Installed the latest generic Intel display drivers and the problem is resolved.

@I'm still seeing this issue. Both Chrome and edge freezing up... Third time already in the last 4 hours!!