Windows 11 PC spends 10-15min on black screen after post but before Windows login appears

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My poor kiddo has been dealing with these sometimes 15+ minute restarts for some time now. When he resets his PC, everything about the shutdown seems normal, and the machine momentarily cycles power and comes right back up and then posts, all at decent speed......but then when the screen goes black - normally for a few moments before the Windows login comes up - it hangs there for a truly absurd amount of time. On average, it hangs for 10-15 minutes, but it has taken even a bit longer than that.

We've attempted to tackle the problem several times, eventually tabling it after exhausting our patience for the evening and returning to it another day. It's been several months now. I couldn't possibly remember all of the things we've checked/tried/etc but I'll be sure to edit them into this post as I think of them if that is helpful. I do recall I had him run the DISM CheckHealth, ScanHealth, and RestoreHealth functions but I forgot to have him run the SFC. I'll do that in the morning.
Any other ideas are so appreciated and if I can provide any further details to help anyone's thinker along, I'll be happy to do so. Thanks all!


System Spec:
MSI MAG B760 Tomahawk WiFi
Intel Core i5 13600k
MSI MAG CoreLiquid C360 AIO
32GB (2x16GB) Kingston Fury Beast DDR5-5600
1TB Western Digital Black SN770 PCIe-4 NVME
4TB Toshiba X300 SATA-6 HDD

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Try to Disable Fast Startup. It sometimes cause boot issues.

  1. Press Win + R, type control, and press Enter to open the Control Panel.
  2. Go to "Power Options" > "Choose what the power buttons do."
  3. Click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable."
  4. Uncheck "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" and click "Save changes."