Windows 11 not meeting minimum hardware requirements

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Hello everyone!


So yesterday I successfully updated my pc to Windows 11 through the beta channel update. However when I go into my settings and go to the Windows insider tab, it says that I officially dont meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. But this is impossible. since I use an Omen gaming PC.


My PC specs are:


CPU: Intel I7 7th gen

GPU: AMD RX 580 4gb vram



I installed the newest version of my gpu together with direct x12. Unfortunately, it still shows the same message.


What should I do? Is this an error? somebody else with the same problem?

I uploaded an image with the pop up. (it is in Dutch but you get the point)


I hope this will get fixed by Microsoft soon



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Microsoft is still testing Windows 11.
I advise you to report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.

 in settings:windows security:device security do you see “your device meets the requirements for standard hardware security “?

I had to change bios settings to turn on safe boot and TPM and such. 


I don't have that message. I have a green check mark everywhere but no message.

Anyways thank you for replying!



I will definitely do!

Thanks for replying!



If Windows11 works then such notifications are useless to me!
I always ignore or block any notifications and suggestions of the system - I rely on my own experience and do not care - if everything works .
Best regards.

Welcome, glad you report it.
Sending report will help the Windows team to have sufficient data to investigate the issue and attempt to resolve them.

@iitsmeesarah I have the same issue. My pc doesn't meet the requirements, which is odd. my pc ran me over 4000 bucks. top of the line gaming hardware. 

Upon researching the requirements, I've got 4 times that of the requirements. CPU must be intel 8th or higher,  I have the intel  7th.

talk about close, one under. However, i was informed that Microsoft will more likely let me upgrade to win 11. 

Like I said earlier, make sure report this issue through the Feedback Hub app.

@Reza_Ameri i would report the issue if i could find feedback hub app


Hello.  Maybe you'll try to install from the Microsoft store

thank you. I have feedback hub now. I also recently checked the system firmware for Win 11 requirements, UEFI, I think my firmware is Legacy, but I believe I can change it to UEFI.
In case you open start and search for feedback, you should be able to find Feedback Hub app, do you have any issue with finding it?

@Reza_Ameri yes, i have feedback hub now. thank you much

Welcome, make sure file a report there.