Windows 11 Mobile??

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I know this is silly to ask but there seems to be a lot of requests in Twitter search "Lumia, Microsoft Lumia, Windows Phone" of people wanting it to come back. Also, r/windowsphone, feedback hub and a lot of recent Lumia videos are also on the running desktop version of arm Windows on Lumia 950xl.


Is there a chance that this beautiful OS that had the best marketing, commercials ever, was the most personal OS ever, best personal assistant, best offline maps, easy to use and navigate. It was personal and took great photos. Windows Phone was one of the first to have a great camera, dark mode native, continum, usb c, glance screen and so much more. 


So, more potential and Windows phone helped you keep connected with family and friends. 


Great video on why we need Windows Phone :)


There are plenty of Windows Phone related feedback hub, so please upvote if interested.

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Is there a chance Windows 11 mobile will be a reality?





With all support being dropped for Windows Phone in 2019, I wanted to create a tribute and a reflection on the platform and the last decade in smartphones. I think the original intention of Windows Phone was promising and it's too bad we no longer have that option. Did you use a Windows Phone? Let
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No one knows. Chances are very slim that there will be a Windows 11 Mobile. There is a project currently that is porting the Windows 10 Mobile shell to Windows 10 on ARM. If those dev's manage to pull the project over to Windows 11 on ARM, then we could see a new life with Windows Phones, since Windows 11 will have Android Apps. 


It would be nice if there will be a mobile version of Windows 11. As well as if it's open for other smartphone company especially, Asian smartphone companies so there will be more possibilities that the consumer community will grow.
Maybe. Now windows 11 desktop version can run on the Lumia 950xl and Surface Duo. But Microsoft is not confident enough in the mobile phone market right now.


at least we know that we have Windows 10 phone, and (experimentally) perhaps we can install Windows 11 onto the phone…

@axljohn Then we need also a processor from Intel to run Windows 11 phone...

I think that the only way to see somehow an version of Windows 11 Mobile Edition is to modify Windows 11 Desktop Edition at the core level (it's system apps like explorer and it's window APIs, registry configuration, bootloader modification...) - for that we need good spftware engineers and developers who will be able to do reverse-engineering, editing and re-compiling the softwares that will allow developers to implement mobile-friendly UI, replace window mode and elements with mobile UI, it's taskbar and status bar, touchmode input set by default, optimizing drivers, removing bloatwares that could brick performance on those mobile devices, changing the animations, size and other explorer elements to implement maybe an modern version of Metro UI and so much things including configuring bootloader better to fit good and feel good running it from mobile (and also it's setup UI, SafeOS UI, used for in-place upgrades, updates...) just to get an custom newer version of Windows that will be mobile-friendly and compatible. We could freely after that call it mobile edition.



If Microsoft sees this project done and that most people started to use it and build apps for it, we could potentially make Microsoft to think about Windows Mobile Editions revival in the future.



But who will do all of those things just to try to suggest Microsoft to change decision about Windows Mobile Editions to give it another shot. I didn't meet yet such a person who will by their will spend day/night of full work just to make some type of PoC how Windows Mobile Edition with newer and supported build would look like and feels like. Yes, it will be good for us but just think how much work and effort needs to be put into this to make this possible, not to mention that Windows and it's core people needs is closed source. Only who works with Microsoft have access to their source code and no one else - but even them, who will spend their time just to do all of these things for free - just to try to make an PoC that may or may not be accepted by Microsoft to revive Windows Mobile Editions.




I would also love to see Windows Phone/Mobile revival but the the truth is truth - if someone knows who have enough skills to do this and peoples and will, let us know.



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There is no news or announcement about Microsoft Mobile coming back.
You may keep an eye on:
If there is ever any plan for that , you will see the new in those weblogs.
Of course there is no news regarding this - Microsoft moved on and put an permanent EOL to their mobile market regarding Mobile OS by them. They are now making more bigger devices and usually it runs Android on them

If we want Windows Mobile back, we need to take a first step and make custom versions of that Windows and redistribute it for free to everyone worldwide so Microsoft will find out how much we love and miss Windows Mobile devices and how far we are ready to take a first steps that will leads us to the better future and success in our goals

If we cannot make Microsoft to show them that having an Windows Mobile today is a great decision that Microsoft could make, we will never see Microsoft phones with Windows Mobile editions to come back anytime soon since Microsoft already done with that.

There is also official news regarding their final decision so your answer regarding this didn't helped at all - it just reminds us how Microsoft failed to do it and doesn't want to try to fix their mistake.

It's time for passion developers and software enginners to reverse-enginner latest Windows OS and make an custom version of it for mobile devices (custom edition) from scratch in that closed source code.

But again as I said, who in the whole world will do this just to try Microsoft to make them re-think about their final decision for their mobile platform
There are videos on the internet showing they manage to install Windows 11 on Lumia phones. I couldn't verify or deny the credibility of videos but with some skills and time it seems to be possible. You will lose several functionality since there is no app to send SMS or make phone call and they are limitation with drivers and this is not official.

@Reza_Ameri Well because they are trying to run Desktop edition of Windows (unmodified, non-patched, desktop UI is not replaced and etc...) - basically no one created for real custom mobile edition of Windows taking an Desktop Edition as base and then modding it at the core to looks like and feels like an phone - more as a phone than desktop (removing some desktop features and adding mobile features instead).


That cannot be easy done - you can trick drivers somehow and bootloader and be able to boot into desktop edition (with correct architecture) and that is also not easy at all - it requires good skilled work of course, but you cannot do all of other things to mod the Windows at that level without having access to their source code to each part of their operating system or at least the critical ones so that someone could easly replace some elements, make another UI from scratch, add mobile features and etc...


And even if someone wants to access their source code to do this, they need to keep this in mind and that is - Windows is closed source, not open source - so if they wants to access, they need to put so much effort in reverse-engineering the Windows itself to be able to do it.