Windows 11 issue with Edge and Chrome

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I have installed the preview build and removed it 4 times due to having issues with Edge and Chrome. If I open Facebook any images take ages to load if at all, and trying to watch anything on YouTube is pointless as it just buffers. If I do a speed test in Edge or chrome I get 75mbps just as I do on Windows 10.

I have tried clearing the cache on both browsers with no luck. Has anyone had this issue and resolved it?


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@Fear345  After I installed win. 11 my pc is very slow and game play on Facebook is almost impossible 

I have tried each build and still get this problem. I have uninstalled Chrome but still have issues with Facebook not loading all images, and YouTube videos buffering none stop. I do hope this is fixed in the final release build.

Same issue here.
I installed Windows11 yesterday 28/09/2021 on my Dell Vostro 3681. As soon as I tried opening Facebook, messenger, and YouTube I found they were all buffering.

My download speed is 270 Mbps
Most other pages work fine

I tried Chrome and Edge.
I cleared my cache on both browsers.
I reset my network adaptors.
I downloaded the latest drivers.

I found if I disable Ethernet it works perfectly on Wireless.

I went to Dell and downloaded the latest Ethernet driver.
The issue persists.

Today 29/09/2021 I found new updates in Windows Update that all said pending, I installed the updates and the computer restarted and now the sites work correctly. 

At least I thought it was working correctly but soon realised that cached data was loading quickly but new data was still taking ages to load.

I disconnected Ethernet again and it works perfectly on Wi-Fi.

I hope they fix it soon.




I have a similar issue on Windows 10 from some time. Some web pages are usable but barely. Messanger is working really badly on chrome and edge. On other pages I get issues with images.

same issue for me too. i just downloaded windows 11 day before yesterday. and both chrome and edge is unbearably slow. i couldn't even scroll down properly. it would take seconds before going down and there is a glitch. i really hope they fix this as soon as possible. i cant work at all in this device if this continues. @Fear345 

After upgrading to win11, Chrome is not working at all (not even opening).
Troubleshooting till now:
Delete profile
cmd commands