Windows 11 Installation Gets to 85% then Reboots

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I have been trying to install Windows 11 since October 5th and I continue to get the following sequence of events. 


I am using the Microsoft Installation Application to install a clean install of Windows 10. Everything goes fine until it gets to 85% on the installation then the 30-minute timer pops up and gives the choice to Restore Now or Wait. (I have done both ways). Once the computer reboots, almost immediately the BSOD pops up stating the there was a problem and it was reset back to original settings. The Error message states "UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP" and goes back to the latest version of Windows 10.


I did some research and found that the error indicated that the problem could possibly be a Driver Issue. So checked with Windows Update and did all the updates I could find for my computer. I then went to HP and checked for any and all updates there. Finally went to AMD and updated again everything I could find to update. But even after doing all that I continue to get the same error and same results every time.


Also under the Insider Program, I ran this computer on all the versions of Windows 11 preview under the DEV chain and had no problems until the last update, I believe it was the 471 version. Once that version dropped I was unable to update this computer to that version and never was able to get past the next to last version. Sorry can't remember which one it was, 374 I think.


Is there anything I can do to get to update my computer to Windows 11? I have tried everything that I could find by searching but to no avail. I have done the SFC, DISM, CHKDSK, etc. Is there a problem with updating my brand/version computer? Will there be a different update for this type of problem?


Here is my computer specs: HP 14 inch Laptop PC 14-f1000 (2L1BOAV) Product number - 3D3F1UA#ABA, 8 Gig DD4 Memory, 256g SSD. 


Thanks for any help.

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Try contact HP support and check with them.
Try open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Whenever there is a failure, Windows will create a log file and you may look into log files and see what causing this issue:
Thank you for your reply. I did forget to mention that I had already contacted HP Help and was told I should wait until there was a newer installation from Microsoft.

As for the feedback, I had forgotten about it that way and will report the issue now.

Thanks again for your reply.
Great, in this case I believe HP is aware of this issue and most likely the issue will be solved in the next update as they said. You may look into log files and find some clue about the issue but sometimes , you have to wait for the update.
Sending report using the Feedback Hub app is helping the Windows team to investigate the issue.
I did follow some of the help sites with the problem of the same issue I am having, mainly Driver problem. I tried doing a completely "Clean Boot" with no drivers or apps loaded and came up with the same issue. I have even tried to update to the latest Windows 10 feature update and again have the same problem.

I was also reading from other in the Feedback Hub that a lot of problems are with the Ryzen CPU, which is what I have, Ryzen 5-55000U. So it might not be a driver at all but some incompatibility with the AMD Ryzen Series CPUs. I don't know. But as I said I did use the Feeback Hub and report the issue and uploaded a few of the logs that was recommended. Maybe something will come out to help others with this same issue.

Again thanks for your replies.
Thank you for sharing and thank you for sharing the feedback.
Hopefully, Windows team will review and release an update to resolve this issue.

@Reza_Ameri I did finally get Windows 11 installed. I guess the latest build was what made the difference, 20000.258. When that particular build finally came out, the installation via Windows Update finally allowed my laptop to receive the update. But when I rebooted I did get the Green Screen of Death and was stuck in a Boot Loop. 


I ended up having to create a bootable USB drive with the correct ISO from Microsoft and did a clean install. And now it is working Great. 

Thank you for sharing and that is great.
The Green Screen is for the Windows Insider while Blue Screen is for the stable build.
Did you installed the released version of Windows or the Insider build?
I think it was the released version of Windows 11, but as soon as I got all set up with the downloaded ISO version, I signed back up with the Insider Program with the Beta Leg. So I guess I am all set up with the beta version of Windows 11 Insider
Thank you for the clarification.
In case you observe any abnormal behavior or bug, make sure report it using the Feedback Hub app.