Windows 11 Insider Preview 26200.5001 (ge_prerelease)

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Saying I need a fix but its a brand new pc

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The question is not clear enough to give you an answer - can you explain in much more details - maybe also screenshots, some logs, memory dump files, device specifications or something?
The install shows multiple errors on my device. I've been trying to get it installed for about 16 hours. I makes you disable your bitlocker & continues to loop. The other updates have caused some issues with my PC as well.
IT has also removed all of my backups and only gives a restore option back to windows 7.
This will allow you to get a deeper look into what errors you are having and to post them here.
How to get a detailed Look at Windows Errors Using Powershell
Go to search and type in Powershell. Once you see it make sure you select Run As Administrator.

Now to see a complete detailed list of Errors simply copy the code below and Paste into Powershell.

Get-WinEvent -FilterHashTable @{LogName = "Application", "System"; Level=1,2; StartTime=((Get-Date).AddDays(-7))} | Out-GridView

You will now get a detailed list of your Windows Errors with Description of the errors. Example Below..

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How to get a detailed Look at Windows Errors Using Powershell

This should help you better isolate what is causing your errors or at least enable you to better describe what is causing the problem for others to help you isolate and fix your problem.
It says that we couldnt update the system reserved partition