Windows 11 Insider Preview 22581.1 ni_release

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I have the watermark issue after installing this release it also turns Windows 11 into an evaluation copy with an expiry date and I can no longer move icons in the system tray they are frozen in place.

I have left the Insider program temporarily so this update doesn't cause havoc have never seen this before and have been a member for many years.

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Because it's an evaluation copy with an expiry date
since when such builds don't have that watermark?

In all the time I have been an insider I have never had this issue whether it is a new build or not the base operating system is fully licensed a new release should not make it into an evaluation@abbodi1406 


Refer to MS announcement for Win11 Insider Preview Builds:




When will it be removed also the latest build freezes the taskbar Icons so you can't change their order? is this part of the build Windows 11 Insider Preview 22581.1 ni_release
I have been told by support that the watermark and frozen Icons in the system tray will be fixed in about a week with a new update definitely don't use the UDW app to remove the watermark as it disables file explorer
Evaluation here means a timebomed build, it'd test build not a final build
At the moment as long as your device is running with Win11 with Dev Channel you cannot remove the watermarks. Regarding the Taskbar issue are u saying that you cannot drag icon to system tray or something else?
I don't run the DEV channel this was released to BETA it should never have been released to BETA
You can not reorder them move them in the tray
They forced a DEV build to the BETA channel I was never on the DEV channel so because the DEV build was dodgy I had frozen Systray icons and a watermark evaluation copy. of windows 11 we don't get that on the BETA channel hence why I have done what many others have done in dumping windows insider.
needed what to have their system made into an evaluation version with watermark expiry date and frozen systray icon don't think so.


To successfully switch to the stable version of Windows you need to perform a clean installation best - wait and download the new Beta version, which will replace the one currently installed.