Windows 11 insider preview 22489.1000 green screening

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Hello Team,
My insider preview is failing out at 97% (earlier couple of time it used to green out at 91%) by green screening out itself, and its been constantly happening (in update history it says "Failed to install on 30 Oct 2021 - 0xc1900101". 
And lately I have been facing this issue of system getting stuck (non-responsive) since these updated have been failing to install. 
I am on Dev Channel, and now when I want to move to other more stable channel, those options are grayed out. 

Screenshot attached for reference.
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I am again getting same error now for a different preview release 22499.1000 and the behavior is similar.

Is there any way to go back to more stable release channel
There is currently a known issue listed in the blog post for this flight. Sounds like you are hitting that. The only way to move to either Beta, Release Preview, or retail from Dev builds is to perform a clean install.


Thanks, Eddie Leonard, for that response.
That quite a painful route you suggested.

BTW now the error is showing for 10.0.22499.1010 (rs_prerelease), and it's erroring out in 97% installation.

Surprisingly, the earlier version somehow missing in the installation history. The history shows last successful installation for "22471.1000 (rs_prerelease)", and it was on 05 Oct.

I am hoping for some day in near future my installation goes past 97%.

Lately the system has been hanging a lot as well, I mean just freezes.

Pradeep Nair

A new Win11 Insider Preview Build 22504 today, you could try to install this Build to see if can resolve this issue for u.
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It worked. Thanks for the intimation. ow I Nam on 22504 build.

But there is no open to go back to beta or release. Both these options are grayed out.

Glad to know!
Yes, currently as if you're under Dev Channel u cannot switch to another Channel freely, means u have to conduct a clean installation in order to switch to the desired Channel.

@Little_Joe , Yes I think so.

Hence I am getting the beta ISO from and will do a in-place upgrade. 


lets see how it goes. 

Well, u cannot conduct a in-place upgrade... technically u can run with the Setup.exe but the installation will proceed as "Clean Installation" which will wipe out all of your data & program. Make sure u backup all of your data then proceed with caution.