Windows 11 Insider Preview 22454.1000 ERROR

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Please have problem with update 22454.1000, always after installation i get blue death error with pnp watchdog driver message. The system freezes and restarts, the update fails. Can someone please advise me how to fix this.  thx

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@Chronik808 I also have the same issue. Do you have any solution so far?

@manasseg I found some advice myself, but nothing worked ,, for example, checking shadow volumes .... no response


I have the same problem. Tried a few times now. Still the same error.

Mine happens just after rebooting and is finishing update. Not had any problems before hand. Its a great operating system




Just  An update.

Don`t know how, but I've updated to build

All I did was to remove all USB connections except keyboard and mouse. Went to properties on C drive and clear out temporary files Inc. old windows files. 


Having no issues with this build so far too


I deleted the temporary windows files on the disk, disconnected everything except the mouse and keyboard .. the error persists



I'm having same issue, even disconnecting everything. I've tried several times no luck, keeps crashing.

Same issue here. I'm getting the "pnp watchdog driver error". This error has created a separate disk of size 256 MB. I don't know what's wrong.
Had the same issue. I go the pnp watchdog driver message after the update completed at 100% and rebooted. I tried again with only USB mouse and keyboard connected but issue still the same.

@Chronik808 I found this video ( which I tried and it has fixed the issue for me. I'm now on Build 22463

perfect, perfect, the very first method works. Thank you problem solved
this video solved my problem, try it
Tengo el mismo problema , y recién actualicé ah windows 11 inside , y mi PC no es tan mala como para que esto pase , alguna solución gente?