Windows 11 insider preview 22000.65/100/132 taskbar/start menu issues

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Tried upgrading to Insider preview twice, couldn't find any fix that worked (searched those forums and googled intensively).


Edit: just to clarify, taskbar is of correct W11 style.


  • Left click on Start button just doesn't work. Nothing happens when you do it. Right click works correctly, bringing up context menu
  • In a similar fashion, left click on items in taskbar tray doesn't work. Left clicking on language selector or clock just doesn't work, e. g. nothing happens when you do it.
  • Similarly, some dialogs in settings app don't pop up. Didn't write down exact buttons, but I assume there's some general cause beneath.
  • Autohidden taskbar on a secondary display doesn't pop up when you hover to the bottom. You just can't bring it up, making it unusable at all in autohide mode. It pops up correctly on a primary display though.

Had to revert back to Windows 10, since those issues are very annoying and can't be ignored, despite for some QOL improvements that Windows 11 offers.


As I've said, I've looked for possible solutions very extensively and nothing really helped. Seen that a few topics here mentioned the start menu issue, but offered no solution either. Hope this gets sorted out.

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Build .132

Same issue:



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This solution works:

Still, there has to be a better way to upgrade with a 'corrupted' account (it worked fine in Windows 10 though).