Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.26052.1100 (ge_release) Install error - 0xc1900101

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This is a follow up to what I posted yesterday about my PC simply not updating to the latest Insider Preview Build. So today I am getting different screens when I restart or boot up my PC. So whenever I restart, my PC will say "Updates are underway. Please keep your computer on." Then once it restarts I am then booted to a blue screen that says "Choose an operating system. Windows 11 (on volume 3) will run automatically in 30 seconds." It gives me two options, both of which say "Windows 11 On volume 3" and then it says underneath, "Change defaults or choose other options." I usually have just been waiting the 30 seconds because I don't know what the screen means or what the difference between the two options are because they both say "Windows 11 On volume 3" and I haven't yet bothered to click on "Change defaults or choose other options" so I don't know what that would bring me to. But once the 30 seconds are up it'll just say "Something didn't go as planned. No need to worry--undoing changes. Please keep your computer on." I just want all this to stop happening now when I boot up or restart.

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I'm getting the same issue!! Have you had any success getting a response from Microsoft?
Here it is, March 24, 2014, and this update issue is still happening. Why has Microsoft not fixed this install issue?
It sounds like you have more than One Operating System on your Computer. If that is the case it's trying to determine which one to work with. Here is an Article that goes into more detail on that....
If you were trying to run only one Version of Windows then I would do a Clean Install and start over so there is only one Version running. You may have to delete the old partitions and format them so you can use them. Here is a great guide on how to successfully accomplish this...