Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.65(co_release: Action Centre

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Hello there everyone! The Action Centre icon tab is just moving up and down on the taskbar. When I start the PC, It is up and When I use PC for long time It brings itself down. The size doesn't match with icons of other apps alongside them like Defender icon and bluetooth icon. Here's a snap of it. 



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Same Question here.

Device: Surface Pro 1796
OS: Windows 11 22000.65 latest

How it Happened: the file manager crashed suddenly, the desktop are refreshed, than the bug appears.

Fix: The bug can fix by turn off computer than turn on computer (I didn't test restart computer, what I use is turn off than rurn on), and wait few seconds or minutes till the layout reset automatically.
Please add option back start likes Windows 10 (live Tiles) or some organization, separation ikons on new start on Windows 11....
Yes live tiles were good I need Weather icon as well

Have error in the system after update not only when black background but it was necessary recovery that error fix not to say that bad any but the beta versions have little gap with load.

I had the same problem. I found that if you unchecked the "Automatically hide taskbar" and check it again. It solves the problem.

Unfortunately, I have the same issue.

The icons retrieve it's size if you add or remove/edit in taskbar also!!
Hey, yes it's a problem but here's a temporary easy fix

Right click the taskbar> taskbar settings> switch show touch keyboard on and off and it should be fixed

Tho it works, it definitely needs to be fixed from Microsoft themselves

Anyways have a good day!