Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51 (co_release)

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I joined to Windows insider program and get Windows 11 update. My problem is this code 0x80070490. Update is downloaded and when its installing, I get this code. Is there any solution to fix this and install Win11?

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Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.65 is already released. Have you tried to install that one already? It solved many of the issues I encountered on 22000.51. But if you're not in the Dev Channel, surely many cummulative updates will be coming soon in your channel :)

@Tsiriniaina It also happens and on 10.0.22000.65 for me.

Have you tried to use ?
I got everything green except CPU (Ryzen 1700X), but it was enough for Windows 11 to be installed through Insiders Program
windows 11 update only possible when you updated win 10. so pls make sure you updated win 10 of last version by win 10 update support and login windows insider preview and install win 11 preview version of Windows Feature Experience Pack 421.17400.45.3.
win 11 unwilled in windows insiders program only so you can sinup with that. insted you have to go to github sites. windows update>windows insiders program
Restart the computer and start download again.

@SergeySypalo Hi, thanks for sharing this tool with me. Everything is green for me in full.