Windows 11: how am I going to move from dev to beta if I can't turn off automatic updates?

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The only options I see are:

1. pause for 7 days

2. Clean install of windows 10. Which isn't moving to beta it's being forced back onto 10.



I don't see anything in the options to disable updates so I can wait for beta. Can I keep pausing updates indefinitely every 7 days or will it force an update on me on day 7?

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You can download ISO - Beta and install manually by performing a clean installation right away.

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

I don't want to wipe all my data, the docs say I can wait on beta, is this not possible anymore to pause updates? If so, they need to update the documentation to say it's not possible to move from dev to beta by waiting for the versions to catch up and say you're forced to clean install.
These docs were updated in June, is this no longer not possible?