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How can a I contact Windows 11 Home Insider Preview staff for help with my laptop after the mess I created for myself by signing up with Windows 11 home Preview

Now my laptop is in a semi slow crawling mode

it takes 10 minutes for the laptop to gradually initialize and open the screen page so I can get my work done

I have shot myself in the foot by my curiosity for Windows 11 Preview

Now I have a messed-up laptop, and dragging and painfully slow and I have left no stone unturned to get this issue fixed and I have not succeeded

I like to have the Windows 11 staff undo everything they have done to my laptop and screwed up my perfectly working on a computer

I am Helplessly stuck and bewildered how to get out of the mess I created for myself by signing up with Windows 11 insider

I have been unable to reach any one from Windows 11 Insider support

I have received No response from countless feedback I sent to Windows 11 insider Preview  

Does anyone know how to reach the staff of Windows 11 Home Preview???

Does anyone Know how to UNDO what ever Windows 11 does to people who join this Home Preview?

I truly need help with this mess or else I will have to throw this Laptop in Trash and Go buy a new one

I am also apprehensive about Transferring my infected data to my new Laptop If I must buy one!!!

How can I save my New Laptop from becoming infected with Data from this Laptop if I transfer it to my new laptop!!!

Does anyone have any viable feedback to these issues I have noted above?

Contact email:

Thank you  

Jesus Raza

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