Windows 11 hangs while using any application

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Hello Everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with 500gb ssd and 16gb ram. I have updated my system to Windows 11 in November and there was not any issues after that. I started facing issues after running updates which i received in December.


Now, this update was a hell. I cannot even safely shutdown my laptop after it hangs. It completely freezes and the only option left to do is force shutdown. When i do that i lose all my work.


Now, this hang does not specifically happens on a single app. It's on multiple apps like R Studio, Firefox, Excel, Chrome, MS word etc.


Please help on how i can resolve this issue as its left my laptop unusable and there's no update to resolve this issue. Also, when my laptop freezes its completely unusable so no chance for task manager or any such thing to work except force shutdown.


Below i am attaching a screenshot of the updates that i had in December which may have triggered this hanging/freezing issue.


----Windows Specification-----

Edition Windows 11 Home
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎11/‎2/‎2021
OS build 22000.376
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.376.0


Screenshot (297).png


ps: pardon me if i posted this in wrong discussion. I am very much stressed by this issue as i have a lot of important files on my laptop and cannot afford a reset at this moment. Furthermore, even while typing this my system hanged again. so yeah you could understand the severity of this issue.

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I have reset my laptop and the issue still persists. Please provide an update for this issue coz it is killing my work. Thank you.
Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Try update your drivers.
Try perform a Clean Boot, take a look at:
And see if the problem persist?
If not, enable services one by one to identify which one causing this problem.
I did a system reset which is almost like a clean boot minus personal files. The issue still persists and i believe that it happens after a while sometimes within an hour and others at around 6-7.

I am trying to find the root cause but not able to pin point it. If stuff doesn't work out, then i may reset my pc and stop further updates until this gets resolved.
Make sure share this issue using the Feedback Hub as I shared earlier.
Reset is different from the Clean Boot, even when you perform a reset some non-Microsoft applications might load but in Clean Boot you may stop all non-Microsoft services from loading.

@Muj_naim I had a similar problem after I installed Windows 11 - frequently freezing, hanging, restarting for apparently no reason.


I had Google Drive Desktop Sync client installed - it was installed in the "Stream Files" mode. 

I  switched to "Mirror Files" mode and since then the probelms seems to have almost dissappeared - i have had one instance of freeze/hang/restart since.


Hopefully this is not a coincidence and there is something to it, maybe more - YMMV


Hi, download the media creation tool and perform updates in place ( which will allow you to leave your personal files )

This is the only method - your computer needs to be updated!

Download Windows 11 (

@Muj_naim I have the same problem, and all applications unfreeze immediately when I hit Alt-TAB.  Have you tried Alt-TAB?