Windows 11 freezes completely when opening any browser even after re install

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I have recently started having the problem of the entire pc freezing when i open any of my browsers. At first I thought it was only a Google chrome issue like when it randomly closes and stops responding and then it shows it's got an update but no, the problem persisted with opera, brave and microsoft edge. I took at most 15 seconds for the windows to lose functionality and then the whole computer would freeze except the mouse pointer. The pointer did not change when directed to a text field or anything. Even the taskbar time got frozen.


Windows 11 Home Insider Preview Single Language Build 25276.rs_prerelease.230106-1334


I use a HP All-in-one desktop that runs on Intel core i5 and a Windows 11 Home single language edition.


My microsoft account was signed up into the windows insider program and received Dev channel preview builds but I can't seem to unenroll out of it without accessing a browser. I tried multiple solutions such as DISM and sfc/ scannow but both showed no errors. I booted it in safe mode but the problem remained and I thought maybe the issue was not of software but the operating system so I reinstalled the windows 11 using the cloud based option to download and install a new copy and only removed the data in the windows drive (C:) and did not affect the data in my other drive.


The only recent changes that I had done was:

1. Update my windows 11 to the latest dev preview build

2. Install utorrent classic free app from its official website


I use norton 360 security but even after a full system scan it did not detect any malware.


Even after the clean install the computer got frozen when I. merely just opened microsoft edge.


I have no errors when doing anything else. I played my Genshin Impact on it normally and only once had a screen freeze but the computer was still responsive and i was able to recover without having to force shut down my PC by long pressing the power button.


Additionally during the clean install, I was prompted to clear the TPM which I did. And when I faced the freezing and had to restart my computer, I was prompted a black screen with blue box saying CMOS check sum is invalid. I was not able to do anything during that time as the message timed out on its own and I was brought to the login screen.


I also had the same freezing problem when I tried to open any microsoft office app including excel and word.

Recently ran chkdsk /r too but the problem still persists.


Kindly suggest me some ways to proceed on this error. I have never faced such a thing with any of my devices running on any version of windows(10 and 11 both).

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I have had the same issue with the last 2 DEV updates. In both cases I have had to, and been able to, manually shut down my laptop by holding the power button, restarting, and then rolling back to my previous version of Windows in settings >recovery. I sure hope this gets fixed soon.



Now the last three builds of Windows 11 (dev) have this problem.


I even made my situation worse because I used 'reset this pc' and I can't go back to the previous buid. I tried to create a clean local administrator account. Same problem. 

Same here, just rolling back to previous builds works. Otherwise it's just freezing .

I have similar issues in the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview DEV builds. Mostly freezing my laptop when browsing in Firefox. I have a solution that might work in your case.

When your pc freezes, press WINDOWS+CTRL+SHIFT+B buttons to restart the video driver. Hope this helps!

I didn't know this shortcut, but I think it's good clue.
When my screen freezes, Spotify plays just fine and I can even control music from Spotify app on my smartphone.

@tolep1490When my laptop, a 2017'er HP Elite 1012 G1 TabletPC, freezes, mostly when browsing with multiple tabs and visiting some particular (demanding?) websites, I'm able to move the mouse cursor around but f.e. CTRL+ALT+DEL is not responding.


Just tested the key combination I suggested in my previous post and the videodriver is restarted and 'unfreezes' my laptop. Sometimes the screen looks garbled but I'm able to save open documents and restart the laptop to continue my work.

Hope this helps in your case as well as the other users in this thread and that Microsoft comes with a solution soon.

@Vanshika_Kapur same as me, i tried a bunch of browser and they ended up freezeing my laptop as expected.



@RyuWatashi idk why but disabling hardware accelerating in browser did a trick. Also if u stucking open edge and chrome both fast and pressing alt tab switching from one to another make it working till u disable hardware accelerate in browser settings

You called it! I had the exact same problem on my freshly built PC with more than capable hardware, it could handle ridiculous amounts of tasks but would randomly crash when I opened a couple of browser windows. But after disabling hardware acceleration in all my browsers the problem seems to have disappeared. Thanks for the tip!



There is another help. Restart graphic card if u get freeze. Idk why but ctrl+alt+win key+b reset video gpu and u get unstuck. At least till next freeze. 

The same thing happened to me. I got so fed up i reinstalled windows. At first i thought it was my new pc i built but it hasnt happened again. what is going on?

the only thing I found that helps is to close the web browser turn it on then back off hdr in settings then the web browser will work for a while  @tolep1490 

the only thing I found that helps is to close the web browser turn it on then back off hdr in settings then the web browser will work for a while 
This sounds like a Resource Problem. Try Stopping Apps from Starting up during Bootup. Go to Settings, Apps, Startup and turn them all to off. Also try to stop anything in Task Manager that is not necessary and this should give you more free Resources to run your system. Think about Upgrading to more Memory as well. Defender does an Excellent job of protecting your system. Norton is a Resource Hog killing your available Memory. As long as Defender is Completely Enabled you should not have any problems with it protecting your system. Norton is just bogging everything down. Also make sure all your Drivers are up to date. Graphics Card, Memory, Open Apps and apps running in the back ground all affect your system.
I can confirm this issue. Running 23H2. B26040.1000

@Vanshika_Kapur I have the same problem on the latest canary build 26040. Turned off hardware acceleration, but the computer can still freeze at random times. ctrl+shift+win+b doesn't always help, sometimes nothing helps at all, except hard reboot. I can't reinstall the system because too many applications and plugins will have to be installed again.

Hope Microsoft will fix it in the feature updates...