Windows 11 freeze it locks after accessing the start menu

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every now and then windows 11 start crashing in the start menu. I have to press the start / stop button to postpone the standstill while everything is blocked. I don't know what the reason is. anyone who can help?
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Hi @brunnoair

Please check out the article shared below; it has a number of useful troubleshooting steps that are quite similar.

Thanks for your help
You're more than welcome! I'm glad the above information was useful for you.
The windows start menu is freezing, this is new on my PC, Beta OS build 22000.346, Feature Pack 1000.22000.346.0.
This has started since (KB5007262) on 13th November. This is repeatable when returning to admin user from a non admin account,
Tried to close explorer and then restart, not a good idea under Windows 11, explorer does not restart!
Log off & Log on clears issue, no need for reboot.