Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5005635) stuck and will not install

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The update seems to download fine but when it goes to install at about 30% it fails with the following error. This has been going on since the scenario 1.5 weeks ago with the update causing no start menu or task bar.


Install error - 0x800f0988


Any idea's? Should I just let it go and it will load? I've tried the suggestions from Windows 10 and just gets stuck in the same place. I've already reloaded Windows 11 from scratch as well.

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Try the windows update troubleshooter
Yeah same issue, tried update troubleshooter and all the normal wsus updates form Win10 to no effect...
Resolved, just reloaded Win 11 and it updated to the latest build during the install. Took about an hour total and back and running last night. I think that is the only way to resolve this issue is to reload Windows

Same issue. How to reload Win 11?

Really? It's 2021, Windows 11 and we still need to reinstall to fix this issue? Thats embarrasing Microsoft.

I guess the only option is to reset windows and start fresh again
This issue messed up my entire computer. I can't even reinstall Windows 11 OR Windows 10 anymore. I get bluescreen after bluescreen. I'm so done with this honestly
annoyingly after exhausting all options I downloaded Windows11_InsiderPreview_Client_x64_en-us_22000.iso nuked my vm disk and started again... pretty freaking dumb if u ask me that there was no solution to this one...
I'm lucky I'm testing this as a VM and it's not my daily driver or I would be seriously pissed...
I changed back to Windows 10. It´s so annoying with the update thing. Maybe it´s because TPM 2.0.



Yep tried that as well and still failed in the exact same way at the end. I've already spent the 1.5 hours and reloaded which got me the latest build and its been fine since. 

i fixed it by upgrading windows 11 with the latest iso of windows 11 beta channel .194. After that, I deleted SoftwareDistribution folder in C:\Windows in safe mode and let windows re-download the KB5005635 patch .
Curios as I have been using Windows 11 from the first developer release and it has not been a problem

@fakhrads can you tell me the step by step process how to install the update I'm stuck in the same update since 2 months it showing an error like Install error - 0x80073701 how to over come this problem