Windows 11 Folder thumbnail

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New folder thumbnail is useless. in windows 10 folder icon I can see what file is on that folder sometime i don't have to check the folder because in thumbnail I can see the file image. but in windows 11, If my folder contain a file it just a white border at the top as a thumbnail.  I think Microsoft should make a new folder icon which will allow to view the file from folder thumbnail or give some option to make this like windows 10 folder icon. Is there any way to do this now?

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@MdEmonBiswas  I support you, I think this is a big problem for us too, I'm looking for a solution for the problem now and still haven't found anything. I support you. Definitely a solution to this problem should be found in the next updates.

Thank you for sharing your concern, I advise you open Feedback Hub app and create a new suggestion and share you concern and explain how it is and what you expect. If anyone is supporting your idea, they may try open the Feedback Hub app and upvote it.
Yeahhh... anyone found a solution yett?? very hard if cant see thumbnaill

I find the Folder Thumbnail function very useful, I cannot believe they have remove it from W11. Hope they bring it back soon otherwise switching back to W10.