Windows 11 file explorer UI bug/glitch anyone else knows to fix?

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when light theme it's this


When I drag move/ click the window itself it turns to this.



And dark mode,



I always update to the latest build but non fixed this issue, I'm planning to clean install the OS but I have to make sure that this issue won't comeback when I install the windows 11 clean


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haha, I was had this too couple of times when I switching the theme from dark to light...

@MattLSN Fixed this! I installed windows 11 OS clean, probably I got this from theme patchers or some third party apps. but now I have to reinstall all apps **bleep** it!

But, if still using the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build with Dev Channel will have face this issue again. :)
found any fix for it ?
i don't want to do a clean OS resinstall
I fixed it by clean installing the OS, not actually a solution for the problem, but I think if you installed any 3rd party themes that may be the cause
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@MattLSN hey i fixed it by uninstalling oldnewexplorer.exe on my pc

My God! that's it? ughh I didn't think of it. Good!



I got this bug. Can u tell me how to fix it? (the white line)

@Snowlight  How did you remove the oldnewexplorer.exe ?

It may happen when; you're using outdated apps that are interacting with the system, upgraded to windows 11 with "oldnewexplorer" installed or were just using the "command bar" from Windows 7 (that broke with the new Windows 11 explorer ribbon)
I may have an example of this...

In Steam, there's an app called WallPaper Engine that could contribute to my own issue (how I came upon this thread) - Bing Wallpaper Engine may have an issue as well as one thing I'm doing here in my setup is using a dual monitor setup and stretching a wallpaper across both screens (via Span in Personalization options).
Restart explorer.exe using task manager.
(Your taskbar and desktop might go black for a second or two.)