Windows 11 Feature Requests

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Is there a board to post feature requests in win11? I'd vote to get back named group in start menu pinned apps. It helps when you have a lot of apps on your system.

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No, there is no website to share feedback and upvote it for the Windows 11. The best way to do it is using the Feedback Hub app.
However, you may share discussion about Windows 11 in this forum.

I too would like to find a feature request page for windows 11. I have been really wanting a feature for a long time. Feel free to tell me if it sounds stupid.

I frequently take long notes & write things using Notepad & think Notepad is long overdue for some new features like highlighting text or changing fonts on specific lines only etc.
I realize rich text document kinda has some of these options but the dedicated margins etc suck.
Please microsoft give us some new features in Notepad

What you said does make sense and is valid argument.
This forum is being monitored by the Windows team and hopefully, they will see this message too.
Use the Feedback hub app; It has been available since Windows 10 build 9841, and is useful to provide feedback as well as feature suggestions.
Yes thank you for your replies I will use the feedback although I have already heard that unfortunately microsoft so far has decided there are no changes to notepad in windows 11. I hope they do see this & I hope they reconsider


I generally don't use notepad;

I admit it is valuable if apps malfunction (One of those 'Microsoft Windows' things), but I use a bunch of other text/code editors, I would suggest giving one of them a try, and you are likely to find the feature(s) you want along with many others;


~ A nice lightweight app that provides text (txt) file modifications, as well as operating as a very useful code editor, in particular because of the light-weight nature of the application;

Visual Studio Code

~ This app is significantly heavier than notepad++, but provide a great deal of really valuable visual features, such as a directory tree and file review, as well as feature buttons and a tabbed interface (just like notepad++);


~These other, publicly available apps ( as well as the Microsoft provided one) are likely why notepad won't see additional features; If you need more features, you have apps available, if you need something simple that WILL ALWAYS WORK, notepad is your choice.

Thanks for the links, I will check them out but I still dont see an issue with microsoft updating its own built in notepad and making it better. If we were talking about a 5+ year old OS like 10 I could see your point but windows 11 is a new operating system and I dont see any issue with them updating their OS environment and the included apps that have been around since the beginning. Its not like they would need to dedicate a large amount of time in resources to for such basic improvements in a basic app

What I'm getting at is that there is no need;
Unless there are features necessary or some vulnerability necessary to patch, and the app is working as expected, then it is unnecessary to change;
This is why I mentioned what I did, that notepad is an app built on, or at-the-least used on the premise of responsibility & reliability; If it aint broke, don't fix it, and changing coding requires expensive validation testing, which is an investment of time/money and risk, none of which is necessary for an app that works as intended already.


Likewise, because notepad is built as the lowest common denominator that will always operate as expected for a limited use-case, then it is, quite honestly more productive & valuable to use the programming experience and time required to modify it, on a project which may require these, such as I mentioned.

Well there was no need for a new os either (ie win 11) Microsoft could have told Intel to "get lost, dont make sissy cores". Theres no need for a security patch every month but it happens, there was no need to round the corners on all their windows or move the start button to the midle of the screen etc etc. You think microsoft is worried that if they update notepad it might no longer function properly lol? Really, microsoft dude, you think microsoft has a "if it aint broke dont fix it" motto? Bruh have you ever used windows, you should download it sometime and give it a go freal
I don't think that at all, what I do think is that Notepad is explicitly made to work in EVERY situation;
I have used every version of Windows since 3.11, and as a system administrator myself, there are ALL KINDS of great and valuable tools which are useful for modifying text files. That said, however, I enjoy having notepad there IN ADDITION to all of those apps BECAUSE it will work; It requires nil resources, and operates in almost any situation.

If you want more features use another app, there are many that are already available from Microsoft; Visual Studio Code, as I mentioned previously is an exceptional app, if you are looking for additional features.

Bruh Its great you got credentials and its great you are familiar with other versions of windows but I didnt ask microsoft to update "all kinds of other tools" by microsoft or other developers. I specifically suggested that it might be time to make "NOTEPAD" better.

If I was interested in using a different app despite how different or similar they are to NP I would have done like you & searched the appstore/interwebs. I thanked you for the links but that is not what this thread is about. Feel free to scroll to the top, Im sure being a sys admin requires the ability to read. Oh and to be clear I appreciate the "nil" resources as you put it, windows uses enough memory as is and has way too many processes running in the background but I dont believe adding a couple well over due features to Notepad is gonna hog another 2gb of system ram

Yep I already did that

This is the One feature i feel is soooo Underrated. I Group my apps for better accessibility as I have a lot of apps in general. And this new "Upgrade" is the only reason I ain't switching to Win 11.
Note pad will probably never be changed because a lot of software depends on that plain text editor. Btw why don't you use word ? Or Sticky notes if you want simple look ?
I recommend to create a new post and start a new discussion about notepad and other features for the Windows 11. The original discussion has been related to a web portal to share feedback but the current discussion is different and to focus on the topic, I recommend to start a new discussion.
The editor Notepad is not really the right application for such a request! Please do not implement this in Notepad. In previous versions of Windows there was an application named WordPad which had exactly those features you are requesting. It should be easy to bring that back! Microsoft: just do it!
Microsoft should have a public bugtracking and feature request system where users can log their requests and found backs and track progress/decissions about those. It is nearly 100% sure Microsoft has such a system in house already. Other vendors provide access to such systems and it really helps these vendors and the customers. Vendors simply get better feedback than what's possible with feedback hub. Or can I track requests entered via feedback hub? I'm not aware of this possibility.