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Windows 11 Feature Request: New Cursor pointers

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I would like to request new cursor pointers because the cursor we have set to default is straight from windows 8 and doesn't jive correctly with the rounded corners, fluent design and mica material that windows 11 implies.


(Windows 8 - 10/11 default pointer)

Windows 8-10/11 default cursorWindows 8-10/11 default cursor

( Requested Cursor design for windows 11 )

( Requested windows 11 cursor design )( Requested windows 11 cursor design )

( loading cursor (blue thing should be rounded but I just used illustrator outlines to do this so sorry))

Asset 6cur.png

I will not include every single cursor pointer but I hope the ideas of application of fluent, rounded corners, and mica to the cursor will be a welcome change.

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Thank you for sharing, I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and file a suggestion and you may attach these screenshots.
You may share your feedbacks using the Feedback Hub app and you may share your concept as attachment.