Windows 11 failures and Microsoft taking responsibilty for horrible decisions

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So I upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10. Immediately after the upgrade my efficient productivity came to a screeching halt. Mainly working within the Tabs. Instead of the user being able to select one of the open Tab you've been using in your work, assuming you've been using 10 open Tabs pages. Now you have no open Tab pages instantly available to re-select.  Now the user has to go search out a needle in a haystack, then first read over ten different open tab pages that are open, and then select that page from the needle in the haystack view opening through the one web browser Tab that is the entrance into the needle in the haystack search.


Often it's not that easy to even select the tab you've been working on in Windows 11, sometimes if jumps to something else making the user have to do another search through this one Tab. What I've discovered about about Windows 11 is that Win11 has become a problem within itself, it limits your productivity and efficiency in very critical moments.  It makes using the computer a drag being very tedious, tiresome, a burden to do basic productivity work due to the FORCED combining of the Taskbar Tabs. I know this subject has been talked about many times before. But my main question is how did this ever get out of Microsoft? Didn't Microsoft have someone in charge who worked with many open Tabs, try to say this is a very tedious process to dealing with open Tabs and why are we taking away efficiency for no reason at all? Why are we take away the option to un-combine the taskbar Tabs when it makes dealing with Tabs more tedious and problematic? What does Microsoft gain but taking away one of the most used and efficient features for general productivity? I mean who designed or decided this option to force people to instead use a needle in a haystack Tab selection process to view their previous Tabs versus the old way of just selecting it from the bottom of the taskbar? Where are the visionaries at Microsoft who improve upon great ideas instead of tearing them down? What's up with this new tedious way of dealing with folders and Tabs in Windows 11?

Also the Folder options have been revamped to tedious process causing the users to have to search for functions now, for two main reasons, one being basic stuff like DELETE and COPY now have symbols????  Man I can't tell what these stupid symbols are when I need to COPY, PASTE, DELETE, RENAME??? I mean, like dang, somebody responsible for taking off names and replacing them with similar symbols needs to be fired! Why Why why? Using all those features used to be as easy as right clicking the mouse button, and boom, you're done for quick processing. Now the user has to right click, then try to determine if the non name symbol is the one they want, then if not they now have to go into "more options" to search by name to do what you want to do. It takes you back to the old Windows 10 options look with additional features. With this Win11 you can no longer one click Win RAR files to unzip into the same folder. Now even that is a a two step process, it's a mess. If it aint broke, DON"T fix it. Microsoft should bring back the WIN10 process of delete, rename, Copy, and Paste function to where one right click on the mouse brings up the whole page of options with name to their functions. And not give us nameless symbols which all look the same. Give us options to keep Win10 Taskbar and operations like they used to do with Windows 7.  So after few days I rolled back from Windows 11 to Windows 10 to free my self from the chains. And man it felt like being released from prison using Windows 11. If I was Bill Gates and Microsoft corporation delivered this WIN11 product slowing down productivity and forcing users to use a much slower much tedious process to basic functions in dealing with Tabs and right click Folder options, I would be wondering who is running this place, and people would be removed from their jobs. This monumental productivity failure isn't something I'd look at as just their choice, but something of a design flaw and find out who's causing it. Just my .02cents 

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You shared number of concerns and issues with the Windows 11.
I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and file suggestion and/or bug report for each issue. Some of issues already exist in the Feedback Hub app and you may upvote them.
Thank you. I searched out and found fixes and solutions to the propblem everyone was having with the taskbar problem, someone seemed to create a fix for Windows 11. Thanks for the reference and advice much appreciated.


Hello , the main assumption for the design of Windows11 - was the highest priority Security , unfortunately productivity will probably be improved in future updates of Win11 - which is still being developed and reviews
users are important.
Microsoft does not force you to upgrade to Win11, everyone should analyze
opinions of others and make the best decision.

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Welcome and glad it was helpful, the Windows team is working to improve the experience in the Windows.

@kday365  I completely agree with your initial comments! For me, Windows 11 is unremitting garbage, demonstrably not market ready and as a productivity tool for previous windows users not fit for purpose; Worst, having installed more than 10 days ago as a casual user - have lost the auto uninstall option, in attempting to uninstall post installation updates it has 'bricked' my lap top and I am having to recover it. Annoying and frustrating.





While Microsoft does not FORCE people to upgrade to Windows 11, it strongly encourages that process with frequent reminders and offers to do so.  I am using Windows 10 and live in terror that I will acccidentally trigger a button to upgrade before the new system matures enough for me to embrace it.  (My many skills do not include knowing how to reverse such an upgrade.)  Windows does some sort of hardware check and tells many people that their equipment is able to upgrade, but doesn't adequately consider the performance implications when recommending the upgrade. 


I did the upgrade on my partner's 1-year old TECRA C50-E laptop with 8GB DDR4 RAM, Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB HDD, and she has been complaining ever since about slow and sluggish performance.  Our best guess is that the laptop needs to replace the HDD with a SSD and maybe upgrade the RAM to fix this problem, since newer operating systems seem to need ever increasing amounts of instant data to load up their many functions.

@kday365 this whole nonsense with win 11 is outrageous as usual with MS they promote a product then tell you that your all singing all dancing latest Hardware is no good for their latest ill thought out unfinished software ,that you have to jump though hoops to put it right with secure boot and tcp and boll.....  .most people will get fed up when their PC crashes trying to muck about in the EFI bios, give up and buy a new PC which does work as its pre-loaded with Win 11 along with another load of advertising junk  .looking after their friends at INTEL  so they can sell more PC and laps . if MS wanted you to buy this heap of s...t that is  really no better than win 10 they would include software in the install programme that would switch all this stuff automatically .this is 2023 not 1998

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best response confirmed by kday365 (Copper Contributor)
Welcome and glad it was helpful, the Windows team is working to improve the experience in the Windows.

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