Windows 11 Facial recognition "Windows Hello

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July 22, 2021

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 Today I got an update installed on Win 11. Facial Recognition "Windows Hello" stopped working suddenly. It says in the error statement that it is Unavailable. Everything worked fine when I left but not when I came back to the rig- (Surface Pro X and a loaded machine)

Went to settings and when I went to click on Windows Hello the program crashes (Settings) just dies on me. Camera works fine vid pics etc.  all seems ok thus far. Anyone else run into this problem? If yes any work around? 

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Facing same issue with SL2
same on surface go

I'm also facing the same issue after update to 22000.100 in my Surface 6.

Same here Surface Pro X @Joe_Maria2280 

same on Surface Book 1.
same is here. pls, fix it

@xshimaSame problem on the Surface Laptop 3

best response confirmed by Joe_Maria2280 (Occasional Contributor)


just removed biometric hello in device mgr and rebooted. worked again


worked for me, great @erikiters 

@erikitersWorks perfectly, thanks a lot!

Confirmed, worked for me too, cheers!

Thanks @erikiters, confirmed that it worked for me.

Same on Surface Studio. Booted up this morning and was able to log on with face, but I came back later and get errors with face and fingerprint.

I have a Surface X, after upgrading to Win11 hello camera working and recognizing correctly at log on. After latest upgrade .100 the ircamera is not working correctly for hello login. The front and back webcams are working correctly after login. 

Tried all of the Win10 recommended fixes, uninstalling driver... but unable to resolve. 

Same issue with settings window crashing when trying to open hello camera settings
Surface pro 7 - removing the Bio device and restart did help - but only after a second try ...

I just uninstalled biometrics in device manager & rebooted as posted and resolved the problem. tkx!! 

Exactly the same issue. After removing the driver and rebooting I could once again select the hello camera settings, but it immediately crashes.
I just checked for updates and saw a new Windows Hello update available. Applying it fixed it for me!