Windows 11 - Explorer forever loading folder or crashing when navigating

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Using Evaluation copy. Build 22478.rs__prerelease.211008-1414.


When I open explorer, it will show the green progress bar in the address bar/directory bar, it'll keep loading forever without ever showing any files. This happens if I open explorer from my task bar:




Alternatively I managed to make a folder on my desktop, I can open this folder, but if I then open a folder which is nested inside this one, explorer crashes / stop responding:



This has been present since installing this update, sometimes everything functions perfectly, but it seems to be more of an issue as time goes on.


Something else I have noticed, my desktop icons will sometimes fail to load, not sure if this is related to issues with explorer, as this happens in explorer (aswell as thumbnails). Maybe something to do with indexing broken? I don't know, but you'll also notice none of the other 'quick access' / 'this computer' / 'network' are showing in the first screenshot either.


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Try NirSoftShellExView to see what non MSFT extensions you have. You might have to remove them one by one to see if they are a problem. I didnt have the exact same problem as you but did have some serious issues with File Explorer and still do to a degree. Removal of some software helped. Strangley MSFT's own PowerToys (latest 2 versions) was one of them.

Thanks for the solution, unfortunately another update came out and made it impossible for me to open any sort of app, including settings / control panel. It was just totally unusable so I've fallen back to the Beta channel of the insider programme, the Dev channel was just causing me way too many issues.


Hopefully your response will be of help to someone else though :)

How did you do that? I have the same problem

Hey @conymsoto , you can either go to the release version here:


OR, if you want the beta release of windows 11, navigate here:
Scroll down to the "Select edition" section
choose "Windows 11 Insider Preview (Beta Channel) - Build 22000.194" from the dropdown.


Keep in mind, you're probably going to be doing a fresh install of windows, so you may lose your data.


If you choose the insider preview iso over the full release, I recommend that once it's installed that you re-enter the insider program through windows, and make sure to join the "Beta" channel, so you get the correct updates to continue onwards.


Please file a bug report in the PowerToys repository:

From the PowerToys triage team