Windows 11 downloads for new software or updates is not working...everything else seems to work ok

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I had a similar problem with the prior Windows 10 Insider Program Dev option, where efforts to download new software kicked out without any data being uploaded...I've now upgraded to the Windows 11 Insider Program Dev option and Windows is active, but the same issue of kicking out efforts to download new software is still present...I am running Windows 11 through Parallels Desktop on a M1 chip desktop computer...

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Just an update on the issue I posted...The problem turned out to be related to the original data migration from my iMac laptop to my new M1 chip desktop...There was a conflict with the Administration names and I was getting requests for Administration security passwords on file updates on my own files...I was not being recognized as the Administrator on my own computer for updates and downloads...Apple advised me to reset the M1 chip desktop and reload the data migration from my external hard drive backup and eventually that worked...I now have a working Windows 11 ARM software platform on my M1 chip iMac and am very pleased with the results...Thanks for those who responded...Geoff Halstead