windows 11 downgrade

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I am looking at buying a new laptop with windows 11 installed but my office server is not ready for windows 11 can I downgrade to 10 and go back to 11 at a later date?

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Hi, I don't think that's a good idea.
you will have to perform a clean installation of Windows10, because system restore will automatically restore to Windows11 version (if you would like to downgrade in this way)
It's better to buy a Windows10 PC that can upgrade to Windows11
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Not sure what do you mean by Server is not ready.
In case a device is able to connect to a server using Windows 10, normally the Windows 11 will work too.
One option would be purchase a device running Windows 10 but is ready for the Windows 11 and you may upgrade later on and then downgrade to Windows 10.
However, the better option would be purchase a device running Windows 11 and try resolve the issue with the server.