Windows 11 'disable desktop background' option removed. Cant enable it after upgrade.

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Win10 had that option under settings>ease of access>display. And i had that option enabled. After upgrading to win11, i see that, the option was removed. So i have 'disable desktop background' still enabled but want to disable it. Maybe there is a command prompt or powershell line the experts can give me?


Ease of access (EoA) was renamed to Accessibility in win11; Accessibility does not have the display option. Most display options from EoA was moved to System>display. But the desktop backgroud option is not there.

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Wow. amazing. guess who got his wallpaper back. TQ.
[CP > Ease of access > optimize visual display > remove back ground images]

@Tahsin_28: Run > Control > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center > Make the computer easier to see > Uncheck Remove background images (where available).