Windows 11 DEV this is legal update to Windows 11?

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Good afternoon, I upgraded to the Windows 11 Dev channel with Windows 10 before the official release of windows 11.
Now I can't go to the Beta channel with DEV and upgrade to the release version of Windows 11.


  1. Can I continue to stay in the insiders program DEV Win11 without fear of losing the upgrade to windows 11 when I quit the insiders program?
  2. After I quit Insiders programm DEV will I remain on windows 10 without the ability to upgrade to windows 11 ?
  3. If I participate in insiders program win 11 DEV, does it count that I have already officially upgraded my windows 10 to windows 11 ?

    as far as I know, i can only upgrade from windows 10 to windows 11 for free for a limited time, but because I can't switch from the DEV channel to BETA or Reliase I don't know if I am already upgraded or not

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There is no specific deadline for installing updates to the stable version of Windows11.

But in your case - to lower the channel you need to perform a clean installation of Windows - which will delete your personal files - remember this!

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@A1-A1 So I can stay on windows 11 dev for as long as I want and upgrade to windows 11 release at any time or when it is available from the dev channel ?

Yes of course.
But remember that dev versions. need to be updated - because they are only valid for a while!
To install the stable version at any time - you need to perform a clean installation of Windows and it can be immediately Windows11 stable.
Good luck