Windows 11 Deskop error

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I'm trying to setup a second desktop on Windows 11, but any alterations I make in my new window #2  also affects the original window #1, including changing the background  or adding or removing icons So regardless of what I do the result is two identical desktops.

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And did you try to do it as a new user , not as an administrator?

@A1-A1 Didn't know there was a choice. How  do I do that?

Also, in setting, taskbar options for multiple displays are greyed out


Of course I was talking about adding a user to Windows - if you already have another account you can add it as a new user and all system settings can be personalized for each account differently.

And on the start screen you will have two accounts to choose from.

Unfortunately there is indeed an error !
After adding a user only some settings are synchronized - Unfortunately !


I'm confused. I don't want to add another user. I just want to add additional desktops as advertised. For example, one for games, another for tools, and another maybe for news. According to the how-to videos its very straight forward and simple. But I can't get it to work. Why are the setting, taskbar, multiple desktop options greyed out (show my taskbar on all displays, when using multiple displays show my taskbar apps on)

Yes, you're right!
This needs to be reported to the feedback center.
I submitted this to the feedback hub; no response.
Don't expect a response – feedback like yours is needed to create patches and submissions are logged and the Windows11 team sees them!
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Thanks Andzej1