Windows 11 build 22598.1/.100 stuck on boot

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The new test build refuses to be installed on machines with disabled virtualization in bios, while this does not apply to VT-d. And also if you disable virtualization with the current build already installed, the system startup simply stuck on the boot screen with the Windows logo and there is no activity. However, Safe Mode starts, but the other modes in the F8 menu options do not work the same way. Tested on HP 260 G2 as well as MSI B560M PRO-VDH. This has not happened on any previous build. I'd be happy to leave virtualization enabled, but for some reason it blocks the processor's MSR registers and some applications/games give out worse performance.
After upgrading to version 22598.200, no changes.

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Similar problem detected with build 22598.1 (Asus prime-470pro, Ryzen 3700X, the latest Bios and the latest AMD chipset driver). SVM has been enabled several months, but after the latest updates virtualization wasn't working smoothly anymore on Oracle VirtualBox, everything is slower than usual. SVM toggled to "disable" for testing purposes and after that noticed same symptoms as @funkerwolf and could't start-up Windows 11 anymore. After SVM enable, boot-up was OK again.