Windows 11 build 22471 start menu not opening

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I cannot open the start menu by clicking on it or using the Windows button. I can right-click on it and get the quick menu. I have tried restarting as well. Any ideas?

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Me too, i was trying 14 method, but it can't fix @Freyawarrior 

Mee too on my SPX. Also cannot access "settings" to uninstall W11 build 22471. How did you guys get help, because this makes the entipe laptop dysfunctional.

Mine is still not allowing me to open Start Menu but you should be able to get to settings by right-clicking on the start button.@KingCole1900 

Pls see
"Surface Pro X freezes, Startup Menu does not open, Settings wont open on W11 Build 22471" topic, where we got to a solution