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Windows 11 Build 22000.160 co_release Bug Report

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  1. WiFi connection is unstable.  
    • WiFi keeps disconnecting frequently.
    • After random disconnection the same WiFi networks(or any other) are not able to connect. Showing "Can't connect to this network" error.
    • After turning off the WiFi and then on, it does not detect any networks available.
    • After resetting the network from "Network Settings" / Restart of the system resolves the problem temporarily but again issue persists within few minutes.
    • No such internet problem with Ethernet connection. 
  2. Login with PIN :
    • Intermittently PIN login becomes unusable. Faced this issue only once so far.
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I can confirm the WiFi bug with clean install of build 22000.160
I have tried re-installations, cleared dna cache, resetting the network etc. Nothing resolved the problem permanently. A ethernet cable connection is stable but not wifi.
Could you maybe also share name of your Wifi chip, active driver, and whether you really are on 22000.160 or 22000.168? I just did the upgrade within W10 method and for now I haven't encountered the bug.