Windows 11: Bug when moving icons in the Taskbar

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When moving any Taskbar icon to another position, the respective program will be executed at the end of the operation.
For example if I move the File Explorer to another position then when I release the mouse the File Explorer will open. This problem happens with all the icons that are in the taskbar


Windows 11 build 22000

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Happening to me too.

Same here, exporer crash when i move an icon to another place in the taskbar but only when the application is not launched . When the app is launched moving the icon in the taskbar don't give any problem . But with a Dev version of windows 11 i have not that problem , only on stable release (that's a funy situation :p )

my version : Windows 1 Pro 21H2 / Windows 1000.22000.258.0

I'm having the same issue, nice! That works, if I put the program to the front and move the icon for it, the taskbar doesn't crash and reload.