Windows 11 bug/issue

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Not sure where to report this so I will put it here.


Since installing Windows 11 I have found that it periodically disconnects my USB headset for no apparent reason.  This happens when running games on my PC since installing Windows 11.  It will recognize and connect the headset , but then after what appears to be a random amount of time will just disconnect the device as though it had been unplugged.  I have to shut down whatever program I am running and unplug the headset then hook it up again to resolve the issue, but the moment I start up a game and run it , the system is shutting off the headset again.   This was most prevalent while playing Fallout 76 , but it seems to persist amongst other games as well. 


After some more investigation, I have found that running game software is irrelevant. The system will shut of the headset no matter what is being done with the PC.  After a random amount of time the system just shuts off the headset as though it had been unplugged.  

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@KailWisdom  Have you found any solution to the bug/issue? It happens to me all the time when i start a game my bluetooth headphones stops after a while (30 seconds more or less).  I tried nearly everything. I found that while in a game, there are several services that are put into disabled status. Which might be related to the issue.


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