Windows 11 Browsers do not open

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The new Asus Zenbook 17 laptop with pre-installed windows 11, at the start everything worked normally, edge worked normally, I downloaded Chrome and installed it in the same way it worked normally and suddenly after several windows updates it simply won't open any browser anymore???? In the processes, it shows that edge or chrome is started, but the window does not open, I managed to start google chrome, I found something on some forum, but when starting it, it opens a window that is completely white (full screen), then white-black, and then a normal window opens and Chrome works normally. But that's not it, I don't want it like that, the laptop is new and I want everything to work perfectly, as well as all browsers to work normally??? Please help me... (I tried various suggestions from youtube but nothing helped)

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@IvanM1985 wrote:

and suddenly after several windows updates it simply won't open any browser anymore????

@IvanM1985, can you share us which update(s) you installed? What is your current build? Run winver command to find this.

@Kapil Arya 

Windows version and updates:

Microsoft Windows 22H2 22621.1105Snimka zaslona_20230117_193414.pngSnimka zaslona_20230117_193513.pngSnimka zaslona_20230117_193603.png




Hi, I had the same issue and, in my case, disabling windows firewall allowed me to open all 3 browsers Edge, Chrome and Brave on my Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. So I narrowed down the issue to windows firewall. With windows firewall disabled I clicked "Restore settings" button in "Firewall & network protection" page then turned firewall back on and now everything works fine. 


I hope this works for you.



I tried but unfortunately nothing happens, everything is the same when I turn off the firewall. thank you



after today's update, browsers work normally again, chrome, edge, opera all open without any problems and work perfectly.